Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty in the most interesting way

I want these. Actually I probably want everything available on this site. Some of the jewelry is so random that is blows my mind with beauty. I am a sucker for random everyday being the total definition of beauty. I mean cinder block necklace? perfection. I could make so much bullshit symbolism with that AND I would actually believe it all!
Thank you Areaware for your beautiful ware.

It is my dream to have a image covered wall. And every one knows I love kitzies.

I love this bird house. It is like a mini Epcot center for birdies. Also, I would definitely save some coins for this little piggy.


Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

I love the idea of just taking random personal stuff and dipping it in gold, like a retainer. I also love the gold mini brick or cinderblock. You find the best stuff, Boots'!

Beth said...

I just love the mini Epcot birdhouse!


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