Monday, April 26, 2010

YAS, I can!

I am finally done least for a little bit. You know what that means? It is time to kick ass! I am back into Yoga and I am loving it!!! Oh sweet down dog it has been too long. I am in such need to get physical that I am thinking about getting a 10 class pass to YAS (Yoga And Spin). That first class in spin is a killer but every class after that gives you such a feeling of accomplishment and glee. I definitely could use some of that. And having a GREAT yoga instructor can really make all the difference. I have fallen hard for Nicole Sessions and I would follow her any where. She gives the most perfect balance of ass kicking and spiritual enlightenment yoga there ever was.
My new secret weapon is my Yogitoes grip mat. I finally got to lay her out last Thursday after buying it in January. What a difference! My hands and feet get so sweaty that it made plank that much more unbearable. Now I look forward to floating to the top. Oh the joys of exercise gadgetry.

Where do you do yoga? What exercise makes you glow and feel great about yourself and your body?

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mw said...

that yoga instructor is the BEST.


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