Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am happy to serve

Who wouldn't be happy to serve if you could do it on these trays?! Sometimes I think if i had that something special I would entertain more. Potsch and I are looking for a house and we found one that was in a sketchy neighborhood but the backyard was this amazing zen garden that was completely landscaped and beautiful. I thought, " I would make more friends so I could entertain out here". The house was not worth it but that garden almost had me. These trays by Angela Adams are that special something. My key to social excitement. I want one for each season. Heck, I want one for every day.


Teenie said...

I totally feel ya on the entertaining department... I'd LOVE to have a space for this as well! Excited for that day!! Confession: already have a few little collections of my own for these future Teenie dinner parties =P

Miss Parker said...

Oooh, those trays are amazing. Those are going on my wishpot registry. Love love love.


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