Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dolce Vita causes much lust - Ah

I went looking for their shoes and fell in love with their clothes. I think these would rock on my lovely artistic friend Margaret. I have to say, I am kinda happy about the body suit return. I wore my fair share in jr. high and would not breaking those babies out again. But this time I will sport them with a puffy high waisted skirt rather than baggy mens jeans. (I was not cute) On the subject but over to the side - they say you can't wear the fashion the second time around if you wore it the first time but I think if you wore it the first time and you did not look good then you get to have another chance. Thoughts?

Anway, Dolce Vita is definitely modern with an 80's twist. Everything is better with a twist.


mw said...

i DO like these!
thanks! what's with me and the 80s? i'm begining to scare myself.

Sara Boyd said...

Yeah, the bodysuits are just too much like baby onesies. Too much work involved with going to the bathroom in a bodysuit! No thanks! How about culottes? I used to wear those!


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