Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can you Handle that?

Every where you look there is a cool or not so cool guy sporting a mustache. Heck, I even married one. At weddings it is nearly a requirement to have a bucket of fake staches on a stick for your must-have photo booth. Some guys look pretty good and some guys don't. And yet they still try. Some very few actually look good with and with out. Lucky! But you are wrong to think these hipsters with their ironic facial hair are first parody-ing Magnum PI or are even playing cool with Penny Farthington and his original big wheel. Oh no. There is group who started it all was The Handlebar Club.

"The club was founded in April 1947 in the dressing room of comedian Jimmy Edwards at The Windmill Theatre in London. There were 10 founder members, including Jimmy Edwards, Raymond Glendenning, and Frank Muir. The minutes of that first meeting are in the Club archives and it appears that although there was a goodly number of founder members they were outnumbered by chorus girls!

The object of the Club was, and still is, to bring together moustache wearers (beards being strictly prohibited) socially for sport and general conviviality. The aim of the Club was to assist by all means at its disposal, any worthy charity or cause, particularly those devoted to ex-servicemen. This aim still remains today and we have helped particularly with children's charities."

So the next time you see a mustached man you tell him he better be doing it for charity!

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