Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am in love and don't I know it

I have fallen oh so hard for Ms. Tara Lynn. She makes me speechless. Her stunning beauty causes my mouth to drop to the floor.
"Tara is signed with Ford Models and was featured in V Magazine's “Size Issue” in April 2010. She also graced the cover and had a 20 page editorial feature in French “Elle”. Tara was recently featured in the London Times Fashion, she is 27 years old and her measurements are 38-34-46in, she is a true curvy inspiration, as most models are out of the business by 25." via

There is something so powerful about a full figured woman owning her beauty. We women sometimes forget how much strength and power we have. We have fallen for the dainty lady bit. Don't get me wrong, I too will throw on a baby voice when I need something or just don't want to something but there are times that I know that if I wanted to I could be a Rich Lady of Luxury with men falling at my feet. I wouldn't have to change a single physical thing about myself except my attitude. I guess that goes for anyone. It is all in the attitude.

Please enjoy Tara Lynn. Totally breath taking.

Tara Lynn for H&M's new BiB plus size line. Not available in the US. Boooo! They are going to carry some knock out party dresses in March for a limited time. I may have to send my German Uncle on a little shopping trip for me.

My one bone to pick - If America is known as the fat nation then why do we not have more stylish (not conservative) plus size clothing stores? I can not tell you how many rad clothes my size I have found on sites that are based in United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and even Denmark. Blows my mind. I guess American really just wants our money rather than helping us feel good about ourselves. Smart, confident people can start an up rise. I just want to look cute.

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QueenDiva said...

I agree about Tara Lynn... Hot to trot!!
As for clothes in the US. I've resigned my fact that the UK & Australia get it and the US is just... dumb. More strangers stop me about my fashion when I'm wearing items I got from another country. Just sad... so terribly sad.


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