Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday - Elvis!!!

Elvis Perkins that is.

This Tunes on Tuesday snuck up on me with the holiday. But I caught you, TT!

I bring you Elvis Perkins, son of Psycho's Anthony Perkins. He is a dream mix of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan with a little Lou Reed. I dig him! I think you will too.

I LOVE this song!!!!

I also bring you this song in honor of my big Hollywood weekend. I walked my first Red Carpet with paparazzi yelling my name. I made Matthew Weiner (Creator and Executive Producer of Mad Man) laugh and fall in love with me. Mathew Lillard (Scream) told me I rock! I felt like a celebrity and it was awesome! In the words of Jerry Maguire "Our little company just had a very big night."
to you all

I grabbed this off Wire Image. And if you watch the video below you can see me working the cameras at 2:02.


mw said...

wwoooooooooooooooo hooooooooooo!!!

TEENIE said...

Yaya!!! =D

~ Hannah ~ said...

Ahhhh! That is too fabulous, Khali! I haven't seen much live action on red carpets, so it was really neat to see all your fancy poses and professional sass. I'm so amazed by you!

I don't have volume at work, but will listen to Elvis when I get home. =)


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