Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The new boyfriend

The other day, after a few nights of uneasy pregnant sleep, Potsch got my my very own boyfriend pillow. That is not the real name for it but it should be cause it takes up half the bed and you get to snuggle with it all night long, thus The Boyfriend. My nights are wonderful now. So cozy and wrapped up and when I wake up to pee 20 times a night I see that Potsch is equally snuggled up to the pillow and his sweet little face is right there by mine.
Now I love sleeping even more.


The Sentimental Suitcase said...

So sweet! Okay it's on my someday bundle list.

Hey is that lady wearing a flannel onesie for preggos?


Ivonne Fernandez said...

LOL.....You need to watch the backup plan with JLO - there is a scene in there where she has one . It's hilarious. I know, I know - JLO is in it, but what can I say. I am a sucker for ROM COMS!


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