Monday, October 10, 2011

A year ago

It blows my mind to say that 1 year ago today I became the wife of the sweetest greatest husband in all the lands. What better way to remember our glorious day than to gaze through all the fun Brilliant photos by Steep Street. I have never danced on a softer higher cloud than that night 10-10-10. Here is to you husband and all the adventures you fill my life with. And here is to you family and friends who add more love and support in our life than we know what to with at times.
Life is good.

My stunning bridesmaids indulging me with their brightly colored matching shoes.

Me and me mum - My bestest friend and constant inspiration.

My sister-in-law, Heidi. Always adding her spin and flare. Thanks for adding a little edge.

Yeah, that's right. I made them carry moth pops. I thought it was genius at the time. hehe

That center frame was my grandmother's from a huge mirror. It felt so lovely to be framed like that.

My brother, Tommy, wrote and played a song for us during the ceremony. He is like a tall rugged ray Lamontagne who fights fires and saves lives.

We still have our hand made rope covered in the blessing of all our friend and family. We are hoping to incorporate it in the design of our baby room somehow. Any ideas?

That night when Potsch and I were alone in our uber fancy Beverly Hills Hotel suit we got to go through all the great drawings and messages left by our guest. It was like the night would never end. We can't decide if we should frame the drawings or make a cool little book. I like the book idea.
How cool are we that famous Chef Travis Lett (in the back) of deliciousness Gjelina was at our wedding ?! haha we feel so cool.

We made so many things for this day. These flags. The napkins. The runners. The much.
This is my crazy family. Those are my two brothers holding up my step-dad. They are all awesome!

I made this sign and so much of me wishes there was some way to re-use it cause I loved it so much. But a seating chart seems to only have a one use limit.

Potschi and his mamer. This photo always gets to me.

I danced with my mom and had my father and Step-dad walk me down the aisle. Mom and I danced to Abba's Dancing Queen. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!

Another sign I wish I had a way to re-use. Anyone having a brat dinner soon?

Thank you for pushing through this hugely self indulgent post. I can't believe how time flies. How something can seem like the biggest thing ever and then it passes and life moves on. Thank god for memories. Thank god for laughs and thank god for tears. All these things make my life so full.

And our movie....

Falling For You from Khali & Potsch on Vimeo.


The Sentimental Suitcase said...

Oh you guys!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing even more pics Khali! Eventhough I wasn't there I will never forget it!

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

Gorgeous, inspiring, absolute magic :D

mw said...

yay! congrats!!!!!!!!

KD said...

such a fun day!!!!

Ivonne said...

i love!


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