Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She's on the case

Leave it to my pinterest pal, Cuban Girl, to have the low down on kick ass ipad cases. You can find one to fit your needs and desires all right here. And might I suggest giving her a little follow action on the ol'pinterest as she is always down with what is up. no joke y'all.
ps- style definitely comes with a price on this selection but style makes you feel like a million buckets. so, pay up.

love this color AND it has a camera hole in the back for the ipad2. sweet!

This is a sleeve but it has stars all over it so I love it.

I mean, it's MJ. and it's shiny.
This little sparkle bag is one of my favorites. When I am done working and doing more freelance stuff i won't need to carry around so much. This would be perfect to pull on and head to the coffee shop to blog.

See above reason for cool little bag case and then add that it's MJ. I love MJ.


Ivonne said...

Awwwww! Thanks for the shout out ;)
Personal shopper at your service!
I love all those other cases too. I need to get on the ipad train soon so I can dress my own up.

The Sentimental Suitcase said...

Dear my! That's grey MJ is really really nice. Now all I need is an IPad!


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