Thursday, November 12, 2009

Diary of a Vintage Girl

My new blog obsession has to be Diary of a Vintage Girl by Fleur De Guerre. She is absolutely stunning in all her 40's brilliance. I love staring at all her images of modern day takes on 1940's style. I find something so romantically fascinating about people who love an era that is not the present so much that they make it their reality and everyday. To love something that much just moves me. Life really is all how you look at it. It can be whatever you make it. Fleur De Guerre is my daily reminder of that.

Another reason why I have fallen head over boot heels for her are her YouTube instructional videos. I have always been perplexed by the pin-up girl rolled bangs. Thanks to Fleur and her lovely British accent I now know exactly how to do them for myself. I also know what a hair rat is. Thank you Fleur.
If you love vintage, Diary of a Vintage Girl, is definitely a place you need to stop by.

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the kids mom said...

I was riveted by this. Also, I think I need a hair rat and will from now on refer to my bobby pins as curvy grips.

Toddle Pip!


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