Friday, November 13, 2009

Frysmith Manifested!!

I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction. Sometimes, though, I can lose faith and I need a little proof reminder. Well, today I got one and it is going to change my life and yours!
I have been craving sweet potato fries for days now. Crispy, yummy, pretend healthy, sometimes soggy delicious sweet potatoes. Today i found out about Frysmith!
Frysmith is a new mobile gourmet (running on veggie oil!) launching officially next week but I am determined to hunt them down now. What is their specialty? Well, Fries of course! Amazing, mind blowing concoctions of fries.

Chili Cheese Fries:
Angus all-beef chili made with beer and chocolate. Topped with cheddar cheese. Try it on top of sweet potatoes!

Rajas Fries:
Fire-roasted poblano chiles, caramelized onions and shawarma-marinated steak with Jack cheese

Kimchi Fries:
Kimchi with Kurobuta pork belly, onions and cheddar cheese.

Chicken Sweet Potato:
Free-range chicken in tomatillo-tamarind sauce over sweet potato fries topped with cashews.

PS- they have vegan chilli too.

It does not stop there!!!! Frysmith is going to have specials like poutine with braised short rib and cheddar, to fries with albacore, corn, and Japanese pickled ginger, to sweet potato fries with chorizo, orange and Parmigiano. Holy Holiness!!!!

And if the fries aren't gettin ya maybe the fresh baked home made cookies will. Traditional flavors like chocolate chunk as well as more unique temptations including apricot, white chocolate, and curry. Something about the idea of a curry cookies make my life feel complete.

Check out their site and follow them on Twitter. Twitter makes stalking so much easier.

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