Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Holiday gift ideas - Photography Books

This may seem like a random gift idea but think about it. How smart do you look when you have fantastic coffee table books displayed as if you were just perusing them before your company came over? I am kidding...kinda. I love photography books. I am not always a big reader but you better believe I can take in some images with the best of them.
Here are a few books I have found recently that I would love to get and love to give.

Leisurama Now: The Beach House For Everyone by Paul Sahre $40.00 - "This amazing book documents the fascinating Leisurama craze of the early 1960s. Fascinating for anyone interested in mid-century modernism, architecture, interior design, urban planning, "readymades", suburbia, social anthropology, great photography, fantastic graphic design."

Contact Sheet by Steve Crist $39.95- "For every iconic photograph, many images taken before and after this are left unseen to anyone but the photographer. Examining the contact sheets from these original photographic sessions allows insight into the subject matter, the photographic process, and often reveals a deeper story that has never been told."
Variety: Photographs by Nan Goldin by James Crump $33.75 (with free shipping) - "compiles the still photographs Goldin created for director Bette Gordon’s now-infamous 1983 independent film, Variety, and offers a rare glimpse into this artist’s symbiotic working process. Hallmarks of Goldin’s early work and the influence of filmmaking on Goldin’s prolific career are on display in this project. Hovering unsettlingly between fiction and reality, "documentary style" and art photography, Variety: Photographs by Nan Goldin reveals a curious and previously unexamined aspect of Goldin’s iconic career, and provides a window into the collision of music, club life, and art production that colored the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This is an important addition to Nan Goldin’s oeuvre."
Leisure Photos by Bill Owens $29.95 - "Leisure is part of Bill Owen’s famous photographic series “Suburbia” and features dozens of classic portraits of people engaged in the most American of pursuits—from barbequeing, to bike riding, to lounging by the pool."

All super yummy choices! Let me know what you get!

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Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

It's says a lot that there are so many photo books with people having leisure time. Maybe we're all feeling so beleaguered, huh? I love the Contact sheet one, but I like to see the moments before the moments in life.


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