Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Holiday gift ideas - AffordableAdorable Jonathan Adler

I am super excited to start throwing gift ideas your way. I love gift giving. i love wrapping gifts and a I LOVE recycling wrapping/bags and ribbon. but that was really a side note I will spend more time on later.

Jonathan Adler
. For those of you who have been reading Boots & Cateyes for a bit you know my love for Jonathan. His ceramics make me beam! So, it only makes sense to shine a light on some of his completely affordable and adorable gifty items. I also love them cause they come in pretty sturdy boxes. (another side note - When Potsch proposed to me he used one of my Jonathan Adler boxes as part of the ruse)

Cat Figurine $24
Banana $24

Utopia Boy/Girl Mug $24 How freaking cute! Who would not LOVE drinking their morning coffee out of one of these? Also, I am pretty keen on the idea of getting two and usinging them as wedding cups for the Bride and Groom!!!!
Lion Figurine $24 for those leos out there

Giraffe $28 I totally dig this design and the colors. Something about giraffes are alwys cute. Maybe it's the brilliance of Toy'R'Us branding.
Playing Card set $68 Now you can lose money at poker but do it with style.
Poodle $24 This one just makes me laugh. Kinda on the Jeff Koons feel.

Acapulco Red Currant Diffuser $68 Stunning to look at and to smell. If this was in my bathroom I bet I would clean it more. I mean the standards have been raised.

Let me know what you get! and give me a heads up on any great gift ideas you have. P.S. there are always some pretty sweet deals in the SALE section of Jonathan Adler. No reason you can't get yourself a little something while you're at it. xoxox


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