Friday, November 13, 2009

Tasteful Kitch

"Tasteful kitsch or tongue-in-cheek elegance are two ways of describing Ida Sjöstedts design philosophy. Her aim is to create beautiful, sexy clothes for women who don’t take dressing up too seriously –and who see fashion as something fun rather than as a must."
I thought some of these dresses could make some seriously dynamite wedding gowns. Definitely unforgettable. But are they too far from traditional? Do you think a brides dress could ruin the mood of the event?


Allyson said...

Oh my God--can you please tell me where these dresses are from? Link me up, Lady! :)

Boots and Cateyes said...

Hey Allyson, there is a link at the top of the post to the designers site. I have not found the dresses in any American shops yet but I will definitely post when i do. Let me know you find them anywhere along your search. Thanks for reading and commenting. I sure do love comments!
here is the link from above -


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