Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pounds and Personality

I have been a "girl of size" my whole life. It was a rough way to grow up but kids can be mean and I figure we all got made fun at some point. But I will tell you this - as much as I love the 50's and 60's you better believe I am super duper thankful to not have grown up during "Chubbette's".
Come to think of it maybe that kinda stuff was around when I was kid but I just had a mom who did not subscribe to such lameness.
Still, it makes me laugh. "Chubettes". Now a days that would be a totally rad girl band.
I do wish I could get a copy of that helpful parenting pamphlet "Pounds and Personality". Also a great band name.

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Tracy Harper is not a Chubbette. She gets her "fashionable chubby-size" at Sears.

My question is this - if plus size ladies have been around for this long why is it still hard to find fashionably trendy clothing that is not just hip for a secretary or goth? When I was in London there were plenty of cool in style clothes for the full figured girl. It was like heaven. Equality.

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