Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Holiday gift ideas - Bumpit!

I am so freaking OBSESSED with Bumpits! I think it kind of a "have to look at a car crash" kind of obsessed but it is bleeding over to Full unbridled LOVE!!!! Everytime I watch the 2 minute commercial my heart throbs and my pupils dilate. Bump It UP!!!! These things look so lame and faulty and yet I need one. I don't even think it would work with my short hair but I have to have one. I am hoping Potsch picks up on my hints. Yes, I am laughing and poking fun but come on, we all know there is truth in comedy. Who's with me? BUMP IT UP!!!!! The perfect gift for any woman who has ever pretended to be a princess.

on the Bumpit website you can get a great deal for $9.99 and if you scroll down you can find another deal for $9.99 buy one get one free. WHAT A STEAL!!!!


mw said...

i saw a bumpit in action a month back - poolside at the parker - i spent an hour trying to figure out how such a thin mop of hair could stand up like that .... now i know. not sure if she was using the minis or the full size.

do it lvkm! bump it up.

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

I love that your blog would be the GO-TO for gift ideas. I can't think of anyone who would find cooler and more unique items. It will save me tons of time and I'll have the best gifts. Brava!

Christmas Gift Ideas said...

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