Friday, May 14, 2010

Good morning

This has been a crazy week. I am back from Arkansas and getting ready
to start my new job as Executive Liason to the executive producers of
United States of Tara. I am super excited!!! I love that show through
and through. The acting is amazing and the writing superb. I can't
wait to be a part of that magic.
Anyway, I thought this week was going to be filled with sitting at
home in front of my computer reading and blogging and prepping for my
new job but instead it has been crazy packed with running around. When
I am at home I am working on designing a new show poster with Potsch
for "Zombience- improvised musical mayhem". Hopefully I can show te
finished product soon.
I have had one quiet morning where I got to enjoy my favorite
breakfast - cup of stumptown coffee and my German style rye (from
fresh and easy- amazing!) with strawberry black pepper and mint jam
from show food chef Cathy. That is a great way to start the day.
But now I am sitting at the car wash before I race off to meeting
number 2 of 3 today.
I just wanted to say hi and tell you I am thinking of you.


Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

Good luck with your new job, sounds fabulous! And, thanks for mentioning my jam in the middle of your business (much appreciated!) Maybe that was a hint for more? :D

mw said...

yay! fancy new job!
congrats. i want some of that rye & jam.

Teenie said...

So excited for ya Khali!!! I have to google this Freash & Easy place... when I was back in AZ with mum for mum's day, she had all sorts of goodies from there. Thinking of you too Xo


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