Friday, May 28, 2010

I started doing Pot last night

Neti Pot, that is. I had heard of this for awhile but was too confused to look into it until I could not breathe from sniffing and snorting from a cold I've had for the past week. So, last night on my way home home from work I stopped at Wholefood and there it was my new Neti Pot and pharmaceutical grade salt for my saline solution. If you are not familiar with Neti Pots a quick description would be this: a small teapot full of warm salt water that you shove in your nostril and pour until it streams through your other nostril. At first you feel like you might be drowning in a public pool but then, once it flows, it awesome. Clears you right up!
Here is a video that is both informative and a bit creepy.

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