Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Update! time to hunker down.

I have started my new job here at United States of Tara. I so excited to be working here and on such a great show but...I will be working up to and through my wedding now. I already have a bit of stress about taking time off for my big day. My guess/plan right now is to take off from the Wednesday before to the Tuesday after. That will give me a couple days to get my nails done and maybe get a facial and maybe even some time to hang out with the out of town guests. The couple days after will be spent on a two day mini-honeymoon and then back to work on that Wednesday. In some ways this schedule makes me excited. i no longer have the time to over think any wedding details. Yay! I am also so happy that Potsch and I have gotten so much done already. When we set out to do a DIY wedding we both thought we were going to have ample time for all our crafty ideas. Luckily my "expect the worst" side came out and started cracking the whip just in case time was not on our side.
So, here it is. What we have so far:

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are done! Yeah! I am super excited about all the pretty colors and textures. We even have all the bridal parties gifts which I LOVE!!! I wish I could share what they are but I won't be able to do that until after the big day. Potsch is hand sewing spats for all the gentlemen now. he is so crafty. I am going to make big pretty hair bows for the ladies. (hopefully)

Potsch went and had all this wood chopped for us for just about nuthin'. We still have to clean them and coat them. They are going to make awesome serving and displaying trays through out the event.

This is our hodgepodge of found objects we have collected for our cupcake display. My mom had a great idea to do a sort of found art mossy enchanted exhibit. I was all about it.

We found and ordered this amazing vintage/modern fabric for our handmade table runners. The colors are just a perfect match with everything else we are doing. Colorful but not nauseating. We are making our own napkins too in this gorgeous deep turquoise fabric. Sorry no picture of those yet.
This is our bare bones layout for Temescal. I am going to the site in early June (that was the earliest i could get in) to finalize placement and make our rental order for chairs and tables and whatever else. That will feel good when that is done.

We have our Officiant! Patricia Bolter, the women who has changed the lives of both me and Potsch. We are sooooooooo over the moon to have her be the person to marry us. She means the world to us. Soon we will be have tea with her and talking about ceremony. So exciting. I love talking about us, love and spirituality!

Beyond that I am slowly gathering music for our ceremony and reception. That is tons of fun and also tons of work. far more work than I thought it would be. There is just so much great music out there. I still have not decided what song I want to come down the aisle to. Any suggestions?


mw said...

attn lvkm:
i am informing you now - you will be my wedding planner when the day comes. get ready.
i can't even wrap my head around all this prep. you are amazing.

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

This took my breath away.


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