Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rob Laro needs work!

I just found Rob Laro through the wonderful randomness of ffffound. He caught my eye immediately with his modern style pin-up beach lady. I love the blend of sexy and cartoony. Sometimes I think that is what Potsch finds so appealing about me - that I am a real live sexy cartoon. If Rob Laro's work is what he see when he sees me then go right ahead.
The colors and compositions of his work are just lovely. He is looking for work so if you know anyone give Rob Laro a thought.
(I don't know him I just like him)

I am including this rainy day image because the detail and feeling of the rain drops bouncing off the umbrella and the the ground are just lovely and moving. Again his use of color is just perfect.

I am including these amazing trees for tattoo inspiration. I LOVE these trees and would love to have the on me long term.

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