Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To throw or not to throw

I was asked the other day my my stunning wedding coordinator if Potsch and I would be doing any of the traditional wedding rituals, ie: Tossing the garter.
I stared at her with a blank face. Potsch and I have not talked about any of these things. I told her I would have to check. Well, I checked today. Do you know why people throw a garter at weddings? Well, let me tell ya.
Back in the dark ages it was custom for the bride and groom to be escorted by the crowd to the wedding bed and tucked in. This escorting would get so excited and rambunctious that the guest would forcefully help the bride out of her close. this in turn became a game where whom ever got the garter was the winner of good luck and fertility. WHAT?! Later, as people became more civilized, as soon as the ceremony was completed the male guest would RUSH the alter and tear at the bride trying to get her garter. CRAZY!
So, now that I have looked into the whole garter thing I am thinking not. But at the same time I kinda love the barbaric-ness of the whole thing. and lastly with such pretty things to put on my body how could I turn down another reason to buy pretty things? Lovely Garters by Florrie Mitton.


mw said...

what?! ummmm i don't even know what to say. that is so weird. fascinating how traditions like these lose their true intention, get watered down and end up infiltrating our most 'proper' modern day traditions.

Teenie said...

Hummm... I had no clue! If I were you, I'd still want to wear one =) But you don't have to throw it. You can keep it with all your other wedding day treasures. Xo


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