Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding invitation- your thoughts...

It has come to that time when I need to start designing me + P's wedding invite. I have been thinking about them for months but i have not committed to anything just yet. I found this wine label today and it got me thinking..."Could this work?"

I love collage and have not gotten to play much in it for some time now. I love the vintage fantasy feel of the whole look. The style of it is so much what we are trying to achieve with our wedding. Picture the label image replace with the bodies of me + P with similar flowers and objects floating around us. There would still be the regular wedding invite wordy info some where. Would it put the mail opening guest in a state of excitement or confusion? Anticipation or fear?
Me being obsessed in the blog and wedding blog world tends to put my taste in a pretty "on top of the trend" sensibility. What seems old and played out (mustaches and big balloons) is brand new for most wedding guests. Does this mean I should compromise a touch to make others feel comfortable but still a little excited at the surprise of something new or should I just do what makes me and Potsch and happy with no regard for the guest beyond food and fun?

What would you do? How would you feel as the Bride & Groom AND as the mail opening Guest?


Teenie said...

What makes you and Potsch happy of course... it's yer weddin'!!!

I'd stick to the style you are going for. AND as the mail opening Guest... I would say "unique!" "creative!" "fun!" "these are SO khali and potch!"


mw said...

i think collage would be really fun... some great diddley do's in that old letterpress book i gave you. i got another history of text / font book that's pretty radical... let me know if you wanna take a look (all letters though, no images in that one.)let me know if you want a 3rd pair of eyes... i got some and they love looking at pretty things. :)

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

I think the MORE you and P it is, the better!


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