Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I can't stop my love

This morning I arrived to work early and checked my email. Usually I delete my email from Perfect Sale cause I find it is not always the cheapest perfect sale. But today, since I had time, I decided to scroll down the short image filled email. Dumb idea. There staring me in the face was a gorgeous pair of yellow Marc Jacob fat heel sling backs for the ridiculous price of $32 from $160. Perfect Sale indeed!My instincts took over and I quickly clicked on the link. They come in RED too!!! what?! so many choices. Well, not really cause the Yellow (the ones I really want) only have a size 6 left. But the red, which is also amazing, and I have a big huge thing for red heels, come in almost every size, including mine!!!! I totally broke! I have no need for any more red shoes BUT I will always have a need for any all Marc Jacobs anything. I have a problem but at least it is a pretty problem.

Hurry and get yours! here.

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