Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just have to share

I am not at all in the mood to be at work today. In fact today this job sucks because I was told I was not allowed to leave at 7pm to do the last short form improv show at Improvatorium. I want to be a creative improviser not a secretary. Wow, I really try to keep the venting to a minimum but today I am annoyed. Ack, trust the process, right?
Anyway, I snuck a peek at this blog, Forty-Sixth at Grace,my mom sent me and found this gorgeous photo. It reminded me it is all in what you focus on.


mw said...

i don't want to be at work either....
i want to be on a huge balcony somewhere in southern italy over looking the ocean with a campari & orange, and a chisel and hammer and some stone - sculpting something exquisite. (ps. in this fantasy, i know how to carve stone.)

Teenie said...

I'm right behind you mw! And in mine... I live on a vineyard... and have a huge kitchen... like in Stealing Beauty. Ahhh. Feel better already! Xo Khali lovely! Love that photo <3

PS. my word verif is BELLITA. It's meant to be =P

mw said...

i'll trade you an exquisite marble stone carving (to adorne the entry way of your villa) in exchange for some wine, and whatever you're gonna make in that huge kitchen. :)


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