Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trend Alert - Pinwheels

One of my all time favorite shows as a kid was Pinwheel on Nickelodeon. I still to this day hum the theme song to get a smile on my face. I finally found some Pinwheel on YouTube today and I have been smiling from ear to ear and giggling just like a 6 year old.

I had to include a little Chapi Chapo.

So, the other day I posed the idea of our bridesmaids carrying large pinwheels rather than bouquets to Potsch. He had to think about it. In the mean time I started to see pinwheels everywhere. I clearly was not the only one with this idea. I ain't mad atcha tho.

1. Cup Cake Wheel 2. Pinwheel Bouquet 3. Rosette Pinwheels 4. Engagement

If you are so inspired and feel the urger to make your own wheel. Check this out.
I did.

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