Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just can't get enough

So I clearly keep falling into a bit of repitition. Two posts about shoes and now another one about Marc Jacobs. In a way I am sorry and then in a way I am not cause I love all the stuff have been telling you about. But I promise I will try to switch it up a bit.
But until then check out these killer looks from Marc Jacobs. I would die to have any of my bridesmaids wear these in our wedding. i would even die to have anybody wear them on any give day. Pure hotness!

All these dresses fit in with our wedding color scheme. I am just saying.

P.S. I haven't told you all yet but for Christmas I got my first MJ bag!!!! (picture below) I am obsessed. It is way smaller than any bag I have carried for a while and has taken some adjusting but damn it looks good! I wouldn't put it down for the first few weeks. I even got caught wearing it in my pajamas a couple of time. Thanks Mom for reading my blog and surprising me with the best gift!


mw said...

seriously... are you saying that a vintage dress OR marc is ok? seriously? cause if your serious.... i may marc-it.

mw said...

i'm feelin # 3,4 & 6
all patterns though... problem?


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