Monday, March 8, 2010

Love and Splendor all around

The time has come to introduce you to my lovely Day of Wedding Coordinators and really just all around everyday lovely makers. Angel and Anna from Events of Love and Splendor.
Angel and Anna

It is a dream come true for me to be working with Love and Splendor. Angel was one of the first Wedding people I ever took note of when I first started trolling the wedding blog world. Her advice and style always captured my heart. Once I saw the amazing wedding of Suthi and Sanjay and found out that it was the brilliance of Angel and her team, I was sold a billion times over.

I slightly stocked these ladies for the next year until they were ready to start taking on bookings for 2010. And guess what - Patience is a virtue! Not only do I get the honor of being in the Love and Splendor family but the wedding of Potsch and Khali is going to be man handled and captained by the lovely and splendid, Anna. Anna has been the side kick to Angel for many years and now it is her turn to spread her wings and grab the controls. We could not be more thrilled to get to work with both Sisters. P.S. Kelty of Steep Street, our wedding photographer, will also be using her sister Hannah as her assistant. We sure do love our sister teams.

Definitely check out Love and Splendor's blog for wedding and just everyday inspiration.


Cori Jessy said...

Wow girl, you're going to have an amazing team. I didn't know Kelty was booked to shoot your wedding! Awesome!!!

angel said...

absolutely loooove this <3 we love you and potsch beyond words!!

ever ours said...

omg...kelty at your wedding! can't wait to see!!


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