Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A little work on me

I am two dramatically different people in my life. Actually that might be an under estimate but let's stick to two for now to keep it easy.

There is the actress/designer ME : I sleep in late. I stay up late. I work on creative projects that sometimes never get finished. I am a photographer and my own wedding planner. I love to talk about any and every thing for hours on end. You have a rambling long winded story with no point? Then I am the girl to tell it to.

Then, there is the Production ME: I wake up before the sun. I go to bed before prime time TV even starts. I sleep hard. I wear make-up everyday and have a massive "to do" list that must get done everyday. There is nothing personal on this list. I don't break and barely eat until the heart burn takes over. I operate in bullet point form. I work 13 hours days. And creative only comes in when I get to high light something.

Unfortunately, Potsch is living and existing with the Production ME right now. I have no time for small talk. If he has anything to tell me I need it in either an email or a text. When we talk, I make him get right to the point and I get snappy if he wants to elaborate at all. I am not pleasant to be around. It is not fair to him.

So, how do I fix it? He is so wonderful at listening and adjusting for me. He is patient and takes no offense to my craziness. He deserves better than a workaholic or a jobless bum.
Any advice? How can I let him know how special he is? How could I make it easier on him? Give it to me, boots. (Can I call you guys that? is that weird?)


mw said...

life is like standing on a seesaw. we are always shifting our weight to find balance. if we don't, we'll fall off one side or the other eventually.

it is easier said than done, but it sounds like production you could start inching her way towards the middle again.

Hannah said...

Oh Khali, how I know where you're coming from... I turned into a crazy bridezilla a few times when I was wedding planning/stressing about school/etc, even taking it out on poor Alex sometimes when he deserved no such thing at all! My advice is to remind yourself to picture 1 year from now. How will you feel? Where will you be? What will be important? Will that little thing you're obsessing over/fixated on still be important? Pondering the future helped me a little, anyway. The anti-Zen approach! How to make it up to poor Potsch is up to you... I cooked for Al a few times and that seemed to help! =)


ps- I love Shirley, and you most definitely remind me of her! Have you seen Gambit? One of my all-time faves...

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

Well, CatEyes (if I'm Boots, then..),
I'd say you're on your way to balance just by calling this out loud. Maybe the "production you" can think of Potsch as the STAR of your production (no one EVER hurries or is impatient with the star), and reserve that tiny area for treating him special. Just an idea. I also love MM's metaphor of the seasaw.


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