Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday - My lady

I remember as a kid my mom listening to "Nick of Time" by Bonnie Raitt as we drove to school in the morning and the long drive home. She would sing along and seem to disappear into the lyrics. I wanted to feel that so I took the tape and made it mine. She may have asked for it back once or twice but never seemed to make too big of a deal about me claiming it as my own. Mom may have let me go with it cause she heard the entire tape more times than she ever though as I was playing it non-stop in my bedroom and putting on my own Bonnie Raitt concerts in the mirror. Or she put up no fuss cause she saw how much I loved something that she loved too. In any case I listened to that tape until the threads snapped. Recently I rediscovered Bonnie Raitt and so many memories came flooding back. But now as a woman her music and her strength get me in a completely different way. And now I can feel what my mama was feeling while singin'.

This just sexy.

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