Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet Up with your goals

Lately I have been playing with a few ideas regarding blogging and blogs. 1. I want more! I love blogging and playing online. Finding cool, fun, beautiful things to share and oogle over. It's the best part of my day. I love hearing from you gorgeous readers too. 2. Maybe start a new blog? this idea is on the fence. Part of me feels like "why not just throw a bunch of energy into what I already have?" I mean, I already have 3 blogs. Boots is my main one and the one I keep up with the most though. 3. getting into the blogging community and showing my face more. This is a scariest one for me. It would mean showing up alone and insecure to a group of uber cool ladies. I would dork out so hard. Jamming up verbally would be the least of my worries. I am good once I know what is going on but I am a complete weirdo shy corner poetry writer at the start. Ask my high school friends they know. And yet I feel the longing to connect. My mom is a big food blogger. Her blog is amazing and she knows some many of the blogging ethics that you are really only privy to once you enter the world of blogger meet ups.

So, all this brings me to where I am today: Loving Boots&Cateyes. Posting as often as I can to make you and me smile. And trying to get the courage up to attend the Pinterest Meet Up.
I love Pinterest. Can't hardly get enough of it. It would be so fun to meet people there and learn more about blogging. But what do I wear. what do I say? any advice? anyone wanna go with me?

If you wanna go be sure to RSVP here.


Ivonne F said...

I want to go! I am so wanting to start my own blog but don't know where to begin!

Nicole Balsamo said...

Hi Khali! Daniela shared your blog with me a while back and I've loved following you and your adventures! So much so that I've added Boots to the list of blogs that I follow on my own blog - I hope all is well and the honeymoon was amazing - we went to Thailand for ours too. Isn't it incredible!
Take care, Bals

The Sentimental Suitcase said...

Go!Go!GO! You silly Khali! Get out there girl and make it happen!

BIG XO!!!!!!!!!



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