Friday, June 10, 2011

A week in the elevator

I am a big fan of people posting about their real fashion. One of my favorites comes from DearBaby. Melissa took a shot of herself in the work bathroom mirror everyday to show off her absolutely adorable maternity style. Now, I'm not pregnant, yet, but I do love seeing big baby bellies with style. I also have developed a creepy shopping habit cause of Kendi Everyday. She looks so stylish all the time that I can't help but follow her links and try to get the same style. Happily I am sticking to my personal style and just turning it up a bit in the effort area rather than completely losing me and becoming them. I also noticed that I smile more when I am out and about and see someone in a crazy get up. Fashion is such a brilliant place to express yourself. I get excited when people do.
Potsch and I have had a few bickering discussion as I have handed him my camera to document my outfit only to be left standing awkwardly in the middle of people while he tries to invent a camera angle no one has seen before. He is getting quicker and i am learning to be more loving of my awkwardness but I am tired of waiting. I like process. I so much more into the evolution of ideas to things than just things. So, here we go. My week in the elevator. Everyday I show up to work on the lot (I am back on New Girl for FOX as we got a pick up!) I have to ride the elevator up one floor. It's the only place with a full length mirror. I am going to shoot my outfit and on Friday I will share a new week in the elevator. Who knows maybe this will evolve into a stylish baby bump fashion show as well someday?

I wasn't thinking about starting this on Monday as I was all nervous and jet lagged still. But don't worry. This was the best outfit to start off with.

The great thing I bought in Thailand are my "Ali Bubba" Pants. That is not at all what they are really called but that is what Postch calls me in them. I love them so very much.

My cowboy boots are a staple. I even brought them AND wore them in Thailand. They are the perfect shoe for everything. Mine are a bit on the worn side though. A trip to the cobble may be in their future. I have also taken a liking to mixing up my patterns lately. My motto in the mornings is if it doesn't go then wear it! not everyday but most days lately.

I can't really live without Target. For a few bucks you can put a big happy retail therapy smile on your face. You get good stuff that mixes well and last just long enough. I am a fan of the maxi dress. Comfort and style. Like wearing a glittery tent. Potsch was laughing at my hair when I woke up this morning as it was sky high for my short do. So, I threw a little dry shampoo in there and decided it was meant to be. I asked him if he liked it before I was heading out and he gave me the funniest sweetest face while being speechless. "I can't tell if you are kidding or not?" I told him I was not. I actually rather like it this way. And he likes when I am happy so I will answer for him by saying, "Baby, I love it!"

So, that is my Week in the Elevator. I will get better about adding my links. The Target website is an endless maze.


Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

Sing this loudly: I LOVE THIS!!! Not only are you adorable, but it's so personal and so you! It's also inspiring and I got to say, I loved the hair upsweep - just for a little dif and it goes with the outfit, etc.. Can't wait for the next set :D

coco said...

you are so lovely! love this times infinity!

The Sentimental Suitcase said...

Oh I'm so excited! This is awesome! I can't wait for next friday!

You look amazing Khali!!!!



mw said...

this is awesome. man, it's hard to look cute at work every day - i don't know how you do it.

TEENIE said...

Kahli!!! You are looking GREAT! Sexy and slim and all round sassy fantassy =) Xoxo


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