Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm feeling the itch

I am feeling the itch and though I am still covered in mosquito bites from traveling Thailand (more on that soon) that is not the itch I speak of. It could be because my little brother who is not so little anymore and is actually a total man adult just got a complete sleeve. For those not in the tattoo lingo world that means he has covered one of his arms in tattoos. Crazy business. His girlfriend also just finished her back piece which is gorgeous and covers her entire back. Nuts-o! These are not the tats I speak of for my self. I am more of a random sticker look myself. When I think of tattoos on my body I want to be the embodiment of an 8th graders binder. Just covered in random scrawling. Some has memory and some you're like " what is that? Why is that on there? I don't remember doing that." yes, my goals are high in life. I know. So what next? I have a few ideas but nothing jumping at me just yet. I am a sucker for a good typeface. And getting tattooed feels so great. You are nervous to make the decision then you make it. It hurts but fills you with excitement. Then you spend a day (this may only be for the slightly older crowd - me) feeling like "what the fuck did I just do? This is forever!" and then you love it. As long as you thought about it. So, I am thinking about it.

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