Friday, June 3, 2011

On our way

Potsch and I are finally on our way home from our 18 day honeymoon trip through Thailand. Honestly, I'm not ready to come back. I was sure that by day 17 I would jumping for joy to be returning but strangely I am not. I am thrilled to see my sweet kitties again though. That is for sure. But potsch and I had such a brilliant time traveling. Sure, there were a few moments that weren't so brilliant like the time I was sure that our AirCon minivan driver had kidnapped us and picked up his family to help him murder us or the time I was so tired and worn down that I, like a complete fool (please note I was very good about my money until this one time), left my money in the easiest pocket on my backpack that was mistakenly tossed onto a moving ship going the opposite direction. Luckily the ship was coming back 6hrs later which gave the crew plenty of time to open up the easy pocket and steal ALL my money, about $300, and my iPhone. Those times were not the brilliant ones. But I tell you them now so I can wow you with all the other greatness from our trip. And really a few buck and an old phone ain't a big price to pay for story.
I give you this shot of us on our most honeymoon moment. The most classic early relationship shot that marks us, khali and potsch, as the old couple in the matching jump suits.


Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

Love it! Can't wait to hear/read/see more of your adventure - so cool.

Easy Lover said...

Me too! I specifically looked on here this morning to catch up on the trip! So jealous. I want the Khali story version of every frame of the trip. Welcome back girl! Miss ya!


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