Friday, June 17, 2011

A Week in the Elevator

Second week down! I feel like I should thank you for liking this series cause it has certainly given my wardrobe a boost. Every morning and sometimes the night before I have to think, really think, about what I am going to wear and how I am going to present myself that day. The moment of stress coming up with a photo worth outfit doesn't compare to the thrill of feeling good and pretty all day. There have already been outfits that I have dreamed about wearing but never thought it would be worth putting that much effort in. Ha! effort. I'm talking about things like tights and bracelets. So, Thank you! what are you wearing these days?

These red boots I have had for over a year and have only worn them once. The reason was I was too heavy and I just looked ridiculous. But now having lost over 35lbs the world is a different place. I am so happy I did not get frustrated and toss these sexy red heeled boots. They shall become my favorites in no time. The rest of my outfit is vintage except for the cardigan which I got at Target a season or so back. I have to wear some kind of cardigan with this dress cause the armpits are completely shredded. Ha! Total honesty.

This is my new hat. I love it! It is huge and wobbles all around but it works for me cause I get head aches from hats and glasses which is iron cause my mom has always told me I look god in hats and glasses and yet it is the thing that will kill me. But this hat is my friend and only makes me feel good and cool. The jacket is fav from Anthropolgie not long ago. It was a gift to myself when I lost weight. T-shirt is a boyfriend tee from Target.
Here is the first of outfits I have dreamed but never left the house in. I was super thrilled to strut into work like this. I lovelovelove tights. I love my Heart!!!! I love this green dress. my shoes! all of it! I felt like a million bucks in my cartoon world. Dress was from Modcloth last year. I bought it for a wedding and barely fit into it. I had an armor of spanx on. But now, it's just me under there and its a little big.
On this day I remember going into the bathroom at work and standing in front of the mirror pulling the skirt way up and way down trying to figure out how I would wear it when I have a big baby belly. Potsch and I are trying to make a bundle of magic. We almost had one a few months ago but it was not time. But like everything it all works out for the best even when it doesn't feel like it when your in it. We are having a blast now with a lot less stress, still a little, but way more fun. This outfit makes me feel sexy and confident. For some reason this outfit makes me grateful for my life. I feel so pulled together and still fun. I even wore bracelets. Shirt and tank from H&M recently. Cardigan from Target. Feather necklace from Urban Outfitters(similar).
I loved this outfit too. The mix of the oxford shirt with the extra fem dress. Almost a walk of shame outfit gone right.

With out meaning to this Week in the Elevator post has become about my weight loss. For about 3 months now (Thailand not included) I have been with out sugar, flour, corn, snacks and alcohol. I eat only Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. All basically weighed and measured. Last time I check I had lost 35 lbs. For the first time in who knows how long I like getting dressed. I like shopping. I like being naked. I feel beautiful not because my number is smaller but because i am actually giving a shit about myself. It is the only way I would feel comfortable to post my daily looks.

lots of love,


katie jo said...

35 lbs?! That is AWESOME. I love these kinda posts... one of my new fav blogs is Kendi everyday... maybe check her out if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

you look absolutely amazing!!! now and before of course,... but i am glad you stepped out into the world in some outfits you didnt think were possible before... just to stress again~ you look great! im especially loving the heart as well :)

Ivonne Fernandez said...

Screw Kendi Everyday!
Khali Everyday is where it's at!

I am uber impressed friend!

The Sentimental Suitcase said...

You are hot girlie!

I love love love seeing what you wear all week!



mw said...

these are all super cute outfits! having a hard time choosing a favorite.
Long Live Target!

KD said...

God, I was all about Wednesday until I scrolled down to Friday. After a very contentious back and forth in my head the favorite outfit of the week is....FRIDAY!!!


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