Wednesday, June 8, 2011

begging for change

I have been so lackluster about blogging for awhile now. I need a change. I want a redesign. I want to bring in more focus. It will take me a bit to learn how to get what I want but I want to keep you in the loop as I go. Also, I would love to hear from you if you have any thought about what you like / want / need / or had enough of. It's hard blogging to silence. I know you guys are out there and are reading and I wanna keep you happy. I also want to get to know you better. So let me have it. Give me those thoughts.

I keep listening and watching this sweet movie. The song "A Million Years" by Alexander from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros seems to stir a bit of the inside sparkle. Making me want to change. Nice feeling. The video is also filling me with ideas for my 1st engagement shoot this weekend in Palm Springs.

A Closet Visit Film No. 1 from Claire Cottrell on Vimeo.


mw said...

1st engagement shooooooot!!!! wooohoo! i am out here. me = your audience + others. i like it when you pick out my clothes. is that egocentric? yes, probably. but it is also so darn convenient for me cause i don't have to think about anything!
i also like it when you pick out kate's clothes too cause i usually like those as well. horray!

TEENIE said...

I see your blog as a total package of all the things I like to read, listen to and see! So... you ask me sweet lady, I love it as it is!

Really liked this video... have fun @ the engagement shoot this weekend =) I'm really hoping one of these days SOON our lives settle down and you can do ours too Xoxo

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

I love the "pretend kids" segment, and the cool things that you discover and I end up buying, and really love the pics that YOU take and write about, and the Tunes on Tuesday. Your blog has these cool segments or series to them that I count on. :D

The Sentimental Suitcase said...

Oh hunnybunny I don't know I love reading your blog. I have been addicted since I saw your engagement shoot on Steepstreet a year and a half ago! I love that you are honest and I can feel your personalityl through your words and choices. I like the fashion and shopping posts but I guess to be honest the posts I like the best as the most personal ones. The ones about yoga and eating and getting pregnant and marriage.
Well just wanted to say I am out here reading and loving your blog!


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