Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cover the Walls

No matter what I can not let the thought of having children someday (maybe sooner than later) leave my head. When Potsch and I were in Thailand I kept trying to buy all these handmade stuff animals for our someday baby. I did get one and it is rad. A little creepy but rad. And now I find myself slowly creating a collection of wall art to hang in a room that we don't have. But I can't help it. I want to fill this life with so much love and thought and design and color. I don't want to just rush out to Walmart and pack the room with all "Baby" stuff. I want it all to be special and have special meaning. This is not to say that there won't be things and moments that just happen. And there wont be things and moments that develop their specialness down the line. I guess I am just over flowing with love for this child that is still just floating out in the universe waiting for its perfect time. I am learning to trust time and life a bit more. And maybe my slow collection is helping me with my patience. So bring on the help Small talk Studio.

1 comment:

mw said...

i like to think that instead of aimless floating, your baby is riding on a fast moving comet straight for your belly. it just takes em a little while to get to you cause god took his sweet time to make him/her extra perfect in his heavenly baby-makin workshop. and that workshop is in the outer universe so he/she's gotta ride that comet a loooong ways.


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