Friday, February 27, 2009

Eagle Rock-s My world!

Postch and I have been toying with the idea of buying a house.  Every now again we check out new listing online and sometimes spend a couple of hours with Stefanie, a friend and also real estate agent, driving around and looking at potential  homes.  We are kind of open to the area. We are thinking somewhere around Pasadena / Altadena / Eagle Rock / Adams Hill / stuff like that.  We also seem to love the idea of renovation - or as I have learned in real estate lingo is called Reno - either way, we are in no rush. We would rather feel excited and happy then "F yeah, we got a good deal" - course feeling both of those wouldn't be so bad either.
On DesignSpongeOnline today they featured a "sneak peek" of an Eagle Rock Reno.  Beautiful!!!!  I die! (I kinda have a thing for Rachel Zoe) The house was originally 400sq that
 they turned into 1100sq. Who doesn't like a bit more room to move.  I love the outside but not outside spaces.  And I am a big fan of open space with catacombs.  I find that is a hard one to balance but they seem to do it to perfection.

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