Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time for a change?

I have been sporting the bleach blonde bob for almost two years now - that is kind of a big deal for me as I used to change it up every few months - so, I am thinking it may be time for a change.  There is one color that just keeps popping out to me; shiny orange red.  My issue is that I can not figure out if it is the color that I like or the long soft wavy texture of the hair these pretty ladies have.  I also wonder if my complexion is just too red for me to be a red head.  And, the last thing is, I don't want to match too much with my clothes. Crap, one other thing - it took me a while to find a lipstick I could wear and enjoy and it turns out that color is very very red. If I have red hair does that mean I can't wear my red red lipstick with my red red skin tone and my red, just red, cardigan?
Oh the dilemmas of my life.

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