Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just what I need

There are times when I get a bad case of social anxiety and just lock up. I get so nervous to talk to new people. What do I say? Maybe I have even talked to them before but I don't remember anything about them now. What a jerk. My mom always told me that you should just ask questions about that person and talk about them that way when they leave the party they remember you and think you are great. Good advice and has definitely come in handy BUT what if they have nothing to say and get jammed up too? Here is the answer in a very sweet and cool way -
The Conversation Pillow


Teenie said...

Mahah! I need one too! So, is it cool to walk into a party with a pillow in your purse?

Khali MacIntyre said...

that made me laugh out loud. nicely noted.


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