Wednesday, February 25, 2009

J. Crew is Tre' Cool.

Potsch and I got engaged this past January 8th which happened to be my 30th birthday as well. I have been meaning to do a post of the whole story thus opening the flood gates of wedding related posts but alas the gates will be opened this way quite similar to how this whole blog started.

J. Crew.
I used to think that J. Crew was kind of the up-tight GAP. But in the two plus years of living in Pasadena I have noticed that the lovely window dressings on Colorado that catch my eye the most - season per season- are, to my surprise, the windows of J. Crew. I think we know by now that I am color to the core and the pallets of the Crew are just exciting. They are like vintage with out the smell and moth holes.
Getting engaged has opened up a whole new world of wedding blogs and trends and gossip and...well, it has just become a bit of an obsession. When thinking of my own wedding style I would say I am a bit modern and classy with a definite vintage tint and of course lots of color. Well, can you guess who has a wedding line that catches my eye time and time again? You guessed it The J to The Crew.

Who Doesn't love pockets?

PS- Balloons.

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Teenie said...

Those balloons ARE everywhere! Does this call for a balloon PARTY??


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