Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girl Crush- Pearl Lowe

How absolutely fantastic is Pearl Lowe.  I love her dark sexy style. Her model daughter, Daisy, ain't so bad either.  I seem to be on this transition of style.  I want more mystery. More dark intrigue. Pearl Lowe is a nice visual inspiration.  I also have always fantasized about have this really cool rock'n'roll family life - when ever I have a family of my own.  I probably would not describe myself as rock'n'roll normally but in my mind, once there are babies around, I dream that I would be just so f-ing cool in my designer pumps, tattered vintage dresses with my cigarette dangling from my lip, a glass of Malbec gracefully swishing in one hand and my sweet baby "Ulysses" in the other.  Again, this is a dream/fantasy.  I will not be smoking at all with babies around.  I am thinking about getting Pearl Lowe's book "All That Glitters" in hopes of living out a far more dangerous life in my mind than in my reality.  And I may try my hand at the whole black eye liner thing - beyond cat eyes.

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