Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Balloons may be the new Fake Mustache

As I scour the internet for cool and interesting things to share I begin to notice repeats and the small blossoms of new trends. The latest one is Balloons. I don't know about you but I have had just about enough of the fake mustache. Yes, I am fully aware that my current "this is me" photo is me with a fake mustache askew but lets keep in mind that is an old picture from when people still thought Myspace was cool. I do mourn the end of the faux facial hair hayday but my eyes are bright at the birth of the new. My prediction is "balloons". When I say that I am reminded of one of the best movie lines - "Plastics" from The Graduate.
I am not sure what the attraction is to have started this resurgence. Maybe it is the more bang for the buck idea? A bunch of balloons is far cheaper to decorate a wedding than say...anything else. Or maybe adults are feeling the responsibility of the recession a bit too tight and long for cake and ice cream parties of their far less stressful childhood? Either way I am clearly blaming our economy (side trend - the economy is the new thing to blame in therapy. It's not your parents fault anymore).
So, that is my guess and here is some evidence.

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