Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rescue Me with Pretty!!

I was recently turned onto these stunning polishes by my friend Angel (more about her later). Rescue Beauty Lounge has some of the loveliest colors for your finger tips I ever did see. Yes, they are not cheap. At $18 each they will definitely make you stop and ask yourself "Do I really need this?" and "Do I deserve this?" The answer to both is YES a big fat and sexy YES!!! In this time of counting our pennies it is the little indulges that can keep us happy and sane and off the ledge. For the price of one manicure you could be doin' it yourself from fingers to toes whenever you want. Sound like a sound investment to me. Why not invite your lady friends over and have a nail painting slumber party while watching The Bachelor or Tough Love (a personal fav)? Everyone loves someone who takes care of themselves. So, start at the tips with Rescue Beauty Lounge polish.
ps- I made that for you in photoshop. Those are my favorites in the collection. I have a big heart on for grey polish!

1 comment:

Kate DiRienzo said...

I am so excited bc the only gray polish I have been able to find is Chanel or one with sparkles


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