Friday, January 22, 2010

I bet they have it

I am pretty sure that anything you could ever need you would find at the Spoon Sisters. They have every gadget from funny to actually useful for babies to old folks. Perfect place to find that bday gift or hostess gift or just something for yourself.

I am really into tea these days. Trying to cut back on my coffee cause I noticed it was really drying out my skin. Anyway, I love when my tea bag tag has a little saying on it. Good Earth Original tea - so yum - has a saying. It just makes me smile. I also LOVE fortune cookies and save all my fortunes in an old tin box. really.

Of course I would love this. It is on a baby. And it's a Honey B.

I have seen so many mustaches taking over the world but I have never seen this stache for a dog. Made me laugh and then I imagined it on every dog I know.
Hahaha look at that guy. HA!

1 comment:

Teenie said...

I think a mustache party is in order!! I've been cutting back on my java intake too... have my little tea station set up here at work =P Good earth tea is what my mom had when I was growing up! Always brings me back when I have a cup. Baby bee is the cutest! Know what Ill be getting you for your baby shower... wink wink <3


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