Friday, January 22, 2010

Rewind and Re-Mix

Thanks to a head up from Diary of a Vintage Girl in the UK I found out about this amazing sale on vintage style 1940's Re-Mix shoes on Amazon. The sale is great and the shoes are brilliant.
So many awesome styles with big mark downs. The size selection is a bit slim at this point but definitely worth the look if you heart the 1940's. My fav's only have a 10 left and since they are peep toe that might look a bit lame. I think I like these shoes cause they speak to my inner granny chic style.

There is something i love about these crazy granny moon shoes. I would love to see some one rock those. I bet they are crazy comfortable. PS - they also come in a golden bronze. selling point for sure.

These are my fav's. I love the detail with the contrast.

UPDATE: Thanks Hannah for the link to the Re-Mix actual site. For those living in Los Angeles, we are the lucky ones who can actually visit the store in person! I can't wait to try on every style.


Hannah said...

I bought Kelty a pair for our birthday a few years back- they are solid and oh so fun! Love those posts of yours, Khali... =)

Hannah said...

Oh, and they have a website that has more sizes: =)


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