Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm about to capture your beauty!

This Xmas I was given so many amazing and wonderful gifts, far more than I deserve, I am sure.
One of those great gifts was a new portrait lens from my parents. I am obsessed and excited and overwhelmed by this gorgeous machinery.
The Canon 85mm with f/1.8. Oh she is a beaut.
So far my subjects have mainly been my cats. At this point they are just annoyed at having a lens in their face every time they do anything.

Sir Rhoda Penmark (yes he is a he)

I want to print these and frame them in the most exquisite royal frames.

Yoko aka Yoki Dokos
Just image what people could look like through such a pretty lens.
I did get to do my first "other people's pets" photo shoot with Rufus. My friend Margaret and I have been talking about this photo shoot for the past year. As soon as i got my lens I knew it was on! So much fun. Rufus was so great to shoot. Of course I guess anyone would be if they were getting treats for an hour straight. ha!

How gorgeous is his shiny coat and those amber eyes. Now if only I could get my kitzies to pose for treats.


Kate DiRienzo said...

how cute is rufus!

mw said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did it! they look fantastic! can't wait to see them all!!!!


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