Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Protect yourself

This past Sunday night Potsch was attacked by a stranger with a gun. He was just getting off work in Hollywood after building a set for a friends play from 6am to 2am. He and two other guys locked up the theatre and walked together to their cars. Friend #1 said his good byes and went to his car a bit further down the road and Friend #2 got into the drives seat as Potsch was getting into the passenger side. Just as Potsch is closing the door a man, who had passed them a bit earlier now headed straight to Potsch's door grabbing the handle and pulling out a gun. Potsch pulled the door shut and yelled at Friend #2 to "Drive!". Outside of the car the Stranger Pointed his gun at Potsch. Potsch suddenly kicked the door open at the guy and jumped out. The Stranger was not read for a fight. Potsch hit and kicked and faught hard. And so did the Stranger. Potsch finally kicked the guy in balls and the guy pistol whipped Potsch right on the top of the forehead. Blood started flowing fast and a lot. The guy started to run away after yelling a lame made up excuse "Sorry, I thought you were someone else!"
Friend #2 rushed Potsch to the Emergency Room where he got 7 stitches and a cat scan. I rushed to his side and we stayed at the ER till about 5am.
He is doing great now. And has gotten so much support and love from family and friends. The stitched will be out early next week. You can always talk and guess how you would be in a moment like that but you never really know until it happens. Potsch is very proud to know he is fighter.

Here is a message to all of you. I have gotten those emails about how to walk to your car or get gas or what clothes to wear so you don't get raped. I usually delete them with out reading. I also don't watch the news because it seems so picked over and untrue that I just can't trust it. I like to think if I keep the negative away then it just won't exist. Obviously Life is going to happen. That does not mean you need to victimize yourself or dwell in the "bad" stuff. What it means is you need to be prepared and awake. Don't take anything for granted. I talked to my brother, The Fireman, and he told me that there is far more crazy stuff happening everyday everywhere than you have any idea of. You must prepare yourself. If someone asks for your wallet - hand it over. If someone tells you to come with them or tries to put you in a car or tries to take you somewhere - YOU FIGHT!!! You fight even if you are going to die doing it. Cause if they take you away you will die there too but after they do whatever else they want to do. It is just not worth it. Scream. Yell. Fight.

My last thing is trust your instincts and feelings. They are right. Don't second guess yourself.


Layne said...

This really bothered me but i felt better after talking to him last night.

... I'm glad he's alright

love you guys!

Teenie said...

AMEN! So happy he's ok, that someone was with him and you that you weren't there! Hugs, Teenz

Rachel said...

Oh sweetie, that is so scary. Thankful that he's ok. Two of my friends have been attacked on the street, but never with a gun. I'll never understand why people are the way they are.


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