Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Made for walking and definitely for dancing

I don't even have my wedding dress yet and have not even been to one bridal salon but I am already thinking about my shoes. I am not a big shoe gal. I pretty much wear cowboy boots everyday (or my band new replacement chucks from Potsch for xmas). Though I love the look and surprise of having cowboy boots on under a wedding dress i think Potsch would love something a bit more special. Also, I think my dress will be on the shorter side and thus a perfect showcase for some kick ass pumps.

Ooooooo so pretttyyyyy!!!! I told Potsch that they only cost $745 and he said "Oh that's it! Get two pair." Ha! he is so funny. Maybe i will and then remind him that he said I could. The amazing Christian Louboutin. I have noticed that sparkly glittery heels are all the rage in the wedding world. I can see why. Totally fairey princess.
Style and Saving! I think these KensieGirl polkadot pumps are perfectly rad. $50 You get to look adorable, still have money to burn and can dance the night away. I don't I would be able to save these until the big day. p.s. they come in leopard too!I love these turquoise suede stilettos by Joan & David. $220. Something so little girl fantasy about turquoise shoes. I don't think I would last long in these though. I have some friends who were wearing heels in High School and they could definitely rock these all night long.
How kick ass would these be hiding under a stunning gown with a pair of magenta tights. Totally haute!!! Thank you Christian Louboutin for these sunshine shoes. $529.99

Kate Spade made these. There is definitely sex appeal here. $325
There is something that I just love about these Bettey Muller heels. They are a bit crazy and certainly not for the traditional bride. I think they could look super awesome with a short vintage 50's -60's dress and blusher. On the right girl these are perfect. Definitely for the punk bride in me. $189.99 yeah sweet sale!

Is it crazy to spend hundreds of dollars on your wedding shoes? Part of me feels like "it's a special day and I totally deserve to splurge on something I can totally wear again and again." But then another part feels like "they are shoes. Most people will never notice." But then that other part jumps in "Are you crazy?! What about the people who do? Don't you want them to feel as much joy as you do wearing them?" Hahhaa I am thinking the best idea is to figure out what my outfit budget is and then divide accordingly.

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