Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wives and Lovers

I was listening to my Ella Fitzgerald Pandora station while I worked and I was suddenly struck with the most offensive and yet insightful song I have ever heard. Definitely from the time of MadMen but still true today. If you have a moment this is definitely worth the listen if not for the lesson then for the giggles. Now I better run before Potsch comes home. I still need to put my face on.


mw said...

i'm old fashioned in ways it's true... but i really believe this! sometimes i find myself dressing pretty when i know full well that i won't see my P all day. then at night when i come home to him, i wash my makeup off, put on sweatpants that are too big and a t-shirt i bought at south american dollar store! i've caught myself doing this, and i'm making a concerted effort to STOP. it's nice to feel comfortable with someone, but who do you really want to impress in the end? - the cashier at Trader Joes? or your man?

Teenie said...

Well said MW, well said. And Khali... I have an Ella Pandora station too! <3

Cathy @ ShowFoodChef said...

I think this is completely true, but it also goes BOTH WAYS, ladies.


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